quinta-feira, julho 10, 2008

Can you help me? Can you see me? Can't you see i'm almost there? Can't you see i'm broken into a milion pieces? Can't you see i can't take this anymore? That i don't have an idea of what i'm doing to myself? That i can't find any answer? That i don't have the strenght or mental health to carry on with this pain anymore? That i can't take that anymore? Will you help me?
Can't you see that i'll be dead soon? Can't you hear me screaming so loud inside my heart? Don't you look at me and see my tears trying to escape? Don't you imagine when i'm alone in my room exorcising my pain? Are you able to share your despairs with me?

I'm so close. On my own limit, by myself and i wanted to stand and hold your hand. But my innermost fear is to be alone. And you won't be giving your hand to me. And telling me that everything is going to be ok. And that is so sad. This deep belief that you don't depend on yourself to become the one you wish. To believe that you have to do whatever and to be with whoever to feel good and full in your heart. Even though you know that bullshit is not supposed to be true at all. And it's not. But when you're deep down, inside your daily bugs, this just won't leave.
I wish these would be the last tears to be shed. For good.

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Anónimo disse...

Lindo, simplismente tudo o que eu sinto!