sábado, abril 26, 2008

Highway blues

I seem to walk in circles in my life. I happen to criticize all these souls that always return to the place where they started their journey but i appear to do exactly the same. I'm in this rock, in the middle of the ocean, wondering when or if i should jump into this blue(s).
It doesn't seem i really want it but i constantly try to show my tears to the sky, as if he would look at me at all. I tend to feel this pain deeper when the wind blows stronger, if he sings louder. Though i know he doesn't care. He knows, but i do scare him with this ache, i dance in the middle of the rock like crazy, asking him to let me fall, to make this way easier for me.
I paint my face everyday with all this purple and pretend i will survive long enough to watch new rounds but i end up looking at myself trough this false image in the water and i see i'm just the same, talking to my own mind all over again.
And i try to hurt, to shake the universe but it's just not good when it comes back to you, is it?
And i've seen it, i've been here before. I've howled enough over two thousand lives but i do come back to me, to what has been true for so long.
I walk in circles at maximum speed and i don't break the cycle. I carry on in the line, on the rock, on the ocean, under the sky, looking only to myself without the guts to fight my own will.
It's a highway. This blues of mine.


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tiago lila disse...

miss you, highway traveler.