sexta-feira, julho 04, 2008


I wonder where this is going to take me.
Wonder why this just doesn't stop at last. I ask myself when is it going to be enough pain for me to handle. When is it going to break the rope. I search inside my soul and find emptyness and dust. This shadow behind my eyes, a deep sadness inside my vains.
I tell myself that i don't want to be responsible for my own pain but just can't control going deeper and deeper in my heart.
I stopped asking for help a long time ago, even though i never actually did it in actions or words. I started asking for forgiveness for something i'm just not sure that can be forgiven. I guess i just don't know what it is. I started going with the flow and realized i can't decide between two things. Can't choose anything and just don't have an opinion. I often go with the flow...
I wonder where this is going to take me...this feeling of not being good enough, not worthy of love, just to make me feel better (if there's such thing as that)...
I wonder how much longer is it going to take for this glass of red wine to be empty, not a single drop in the bottle next to the bathtub. How longer is it going to take me to fall asleep under the water and drown in my own tears?

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Anónimo disse...

miu-miu, you are a poet.I wonder why you have a finite concept of the universe. As opposed to having this certainity:- After the last drop of wine there will be something else!
All you have to really worry about then (when the wine is over)is to try and make the better choice. my heart goes out to you, honey bee.